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Spotlight on Talent

Learn more about some of the talented professionals we have currently available.


Gabriel is an HP Exstream Analyst.

Gabriel has 3 years experience as an HP Exstream Designer/Developer.  His background includes designing, supporting, migration, and configuration solutions.  He is exclusively focused on providing unique collection letter solutions so agencies throughout North America.

  • 3 years experience HP Exstream
  • 3 years experience Mail and Print Industry
  • 3 years experience Testing
  • 1 year experience SQL Queries


Farhad is a Web Designer. Farhad has over 7 years experience as a Web Designer.

His technical skills and ability are current and up to date and definitely seasoned.  During his employment at a business software company he was responsible for maintaining 30 websites.  In addition his creative skills echo that of Salvador Dali in his innovative interpretation of the world, products, and services.

  • 13+ years experience Photoshop
  • 13+ years experience Illustrator
  • 10 years experience HTML (v5)
  • 10 years experience CSS (v3)
  • 3 years experience Wireframing
  • 3 years experience Prototyping
  • 2 years experience PHP (basic)
  • 2 years experience JavaScript


Joann is a QA Analyst with 3 years experience.

She received a Bachelor of Science from UCSD.  Her background is mainly that of a manual tester and is very eager to learn the automation side of QA.

  • 3 years experience QA
  • 2+ years experience Functional Testing
  • 2+ years experience Regression Testing
  • 2+ years experience Web Services
  • 2+ years experience SQL