Thank you so much for working so diligently with me on this opportunity. Patty, I have worked with a ton of recruiters, but I have never worked with someone as detailed, thought provoking, considerate and inviting as you.

Chris D., Job Seeker

I wanted to thank you for showing this company to me and setting up the intial interview as I had no idea that a company this good to its people and employees existed. It was interesting that at the second interview with the hiring manager, he was more interested in my personal life than what I could do for the company and it really set the pace for me. I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to see what this construction company was really about as I believe the only way from here is up. Thanks again!

Jack J., Perm Placement

It's a job I can totally geek out on stuff that I would have done as a hobby! Thank you very much for finding me on LinkedIn and helping me get a job I really enjoy!

Vince P., Perm Placement

Thank you for letting me know what the hiring manager had to say, it means a lot.  And I wanted to say thank you for everything. I have worked with several temp agencies in the past and never have I had the great service you provide not only to the company but to your employees/temps.  I would recommend Island and you personally in a heartbeat.  If anything should come in, temp, part time or otherwise that I might be suited for, please let know.  Thank you for everything.

Crystal, Job Seeker

It has been a pleasure to work for Island Staffing and I would highly recommend your firm to people who are seeking employment... You guys are awesome!!

Dawn R., Contractor who was hired by the Company

Island staffing operates with high efficiency. I can't believe that I [could] land a job within 5 days with the help from Island Staffing.

Yali Z., Consultant

Island Staffing has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

Mark H., Contractor

[ISLAND STAFFING] was great at communicating with me and the employer. They did a great job at keeping me updated about what was happening in the hiring process.

Ronak P., Job Seeker

I can't thank Island Staffing enough for connecting me with the company. This is as close to my “dream job” as I can imagine. I would never have had this opportunity had it not been for Island Staffing setting up my interview with the hiring managers. You all took excellent care of me while I was staffed under you, and I will miss everyone there that I worked with. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think I will have a long happy career. If I ever need Island Staffing's services again, I won’t hesitate to call.

Ryan M., Consultant who was hired by the Company

Chelsea is professional, easy to talk to, and most importantly prompt in responding to e-mails and messages. She helped me to get an interview, provided valuable tips for the interview, and kept me informed while my soon to be employers weighed their options. I probably wouldn't be so optimistic if I didn't get the job, but either way, highly recommended.

Vu H., Consultant who was hired by the Company